Your own private server
in the cloud

CloudVault is for freedom-loving people

Whether you simply want to secure your data with file storage that you control or your internet access with a VPN, want to run your own cloud services (Nextcloud or Sandstorm), a website or blog (WordPress), a group chat (Mattermost or Matrix/Riot), a social network node (Mastodon), or any other open-source & decentralised solution, CloudVault can meet your needs.

Your safety deposit box in the cloud

We provide 2-factor authentication, so you're the only one to have the key – nobody but should be able to get into your server, not even us.

Enterprise-grade Security

You also get a private VPN server, to access your data and services with end-to-end encryption, and also to browse the web securely and anonymously.

Total control

Thanks to your own private server, stop putting your data at risk in public clouds (Google, Dropbox...). With total control over your machine and services, so you're the only one in charge.

Our team of cloud operators will set everything up

So you're ready to go without needing to be a Linux guru

Server cost
€ 4
per month
€ 7
per month
€ 15
per month
Setup cost
(one time)
from € 20
from € 40
from € 60
€ 68 for 1st year
€ 124 for 1st year
€ 240 for 1st year
Storage Space 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB
Bandwidth Speed 200 Mbp/s 200 Mbp/s
Type of Private Server Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Processor (CPU)
Memory (RAM) 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Ultra-fast SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Static IP address (Netherlands)
Operating system Ubuntu Linux LTS
Full control (SSH with sudo)
VPN server (OpenVPN)
2-factor verification (SSH)
Web hosting (with Nginx)
Service Hosting (Nextcloud, Wordpress, Mastodon, etc...) Depending on your needs
Tech Support Community Community Community
€ 68 for 1st year
€ 124 for 1st year
€ 240 for 1st year

Simple Terms

Refreshingly transparent and user-friendly terms of service

  • Prepay for 1 year of service, and renew for an extra year anytime before it expires.
  • After your server is preconfigured, you will receive your IP address, instructions on how to connect via VPN and SSH, and how to change your password/private key so you are the only one to have access.
  • The setup fee includes the installation of the server, OS, and any other software and services agreed upon when you place your order. Setup of additional software or services and tech support may be arranged for an extra fee.
  • If you are not satisfied, during the first 3 months of using the service, we can refund 50% of what you paid, cancel your service, and delete your data.
  • CloudVault won't share your data with anyone. We can't anyway - we don't have access – that's the whole point.
  • You are solely responsible for what you do with your server, and you agree to not use it for anything deemed illegal that could lead to a formal complaint. If that were to happen, to protect the continuity of CloudVault's services we would need to immediately cancel your service (with no refund).

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